K. Eason – How Rory Thorne Destroyed the Multiverse

Rory Thorne is a princess with 13 fairy blessings, the most important of which is to see through flattery and platitudes. As the eldest daughter, she always imagined she’d inherit her father’s throne and govern the interplanetary Thorne Consortium.

Then, her father is assassinated, her mother gives birth to a son, and Rory is betrothed to the prince of a distant world.

When Rory arrives in her new home, she uncovers a treacherous plot to unseat her newly betrothed and usurp his throne. An unscrupulous minister has conspired to name himself Regent to the minor (and somewhat foolish) prince. With only her wits and a small team of allies, Rory must outmaneuver the Regent and rescue the prince.

How Rory Thorne Destroyed the Multiverse is a feminist reimagining of familiar fairy tale tropes and a story of resistance and self-determination – how small acts of rebellion can lead a princess to not just save herself, but change the course of history.

Author: K. Eason
Narrator: Nicole Poole
Duration: 11 hours 28 minutes
Released: 19 Aug 2010
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Language: English

User Review:

self last-minute

I prefer hard SF with no true good or evil but instead shades of gray, but I did enjoy this fairy tale in sheep’s clothing that was none of those things. It has a lot of charm and wit, and in this story of monarchy in space, goodness and love ultimately prevail and I guess needed that because I found this book delightful. There’s no actual multiverse to be seen in this novel but the heroine is intelligent and resourceful and her friends are loyal and kick-ass in their respective disciplines. I thought it was very well-written and well-read, and I would absolutely purchase the second book in the series.