Kathleen Brady – Lucille

In 20 years of show business, Lucille Ball had only modest and sporadic success. Her television program, I Love Lucy, was her last chance to fulfill the ambition that had sustained her through the frustrations of her professional life and the anguish of a failing marriage. The role of Lucy Ricardo revealed her true gifts, but it changed her life immeasurably, and the remarkable individual who was Lucille Ball became slowly obscured in the shadows of Lucy.

This definitive portrait of Lucille Ball is based on the recollections of fellow performers, including Milton Berle, Ginger Rogers, Bob Hope, and Katherine Hepburn; her closest friends and family; and Lucille herself. From her childhood, when her virtual abandonment instilled in her a relentless drive for love and attention, through her struggling years in Hollywood and her troubled relationship with Desi Arnaz, Brady vividly recounts the story of this passionate and vulnerable woman.

Author: Kathleen Brady
Narrator: C. M. Hbert
Duration: 12 hours 48 minutes
Released: 7 Oct 2001
Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
Language: English

User Review:

sonnet cardiovascular

Enjoyed reading about how she started. Lot of things I learned about her history. I’ve always been a fan!