Kathryn A. Jones – Amway Forever

Not just a business, but an opportunity for personal success and achievement, Amway has spread the old-fashioned American dream across the globe – from South America to the Pacific Rim. This definitive history of Amway delves deep into the heart and soul of the organization. It is an inspirational, motivational chronicle of the company as a whole – its ideology, goals, beliefs, ethics, and sense of values – filled with uplifting stories of people around the world whose lives have been totally transformed by the Amway philosophy.
Author: Kathryn A. Jones
Narrator: Gayle Hendrix
Duration: 8 hours 4 minutes
Released: 11 Jun 2009
Publisher: Audible Studios
Language: English

User Review:

darkroom latter-day

I was really curious about this book because I have a family member who joined Amway about 5 years ago and we all became somewhat concerned about her involvement with “the business”. I was expecting a juicy expose written by a disgruntled former insider, but this is a well researched book. Amway is not a company with a spotless record and has been likened by many as a type of cult and a pyramid scheme (for good reasons, by the way). Anyway, Amway Forever gives a very detailed background into the company and it’s full 60-year history, and does not gloss over the somewhat unsavoury practices and methods Amway uses to make money. If you’re a loyal Amway distributor you won’t like this book. For everyone else, the rumours that have gone around for years appear to be true. If you’re looking for reasons to join Amway, don’t read this book.