Keith Houghton – A Place Called Fear

When cops break the rules, theres only one detective you can trust to investigate.

Florida homicide detective Maggie Novak should be celebrating: Its the start of a new year, and her boyfriend has just proposed. But all she can think about is the alarming news she received earlier that evening – her teammate Detective Clayton Young is missing.

With few leads, Maggie heads to the supermarket where Clay was last seen. To her horror, security footage reveals a devastating scene in the parking lot: her colleague has died in fearful circumstances. As the investigation begins, Homicide Squad is rocked by the news that Clay might not be the only intended target, and that any one of them could be next on the killers agenda.

Clays partner, Detective Andy Stucker, is refusing to answer calls, and Maggie suspects he has a part to play in their colleagues death. Scanning through Clays phone, she finds a message to Stucker with the words they know.

Who are they? And what do they know? As more secrets come to light, Maggie has good reason to believe the killer is just getting started. She needs to uncover the truth fast. But is it already right in front of her eyes?

Author: Keith Houghton
Narrator: Karen Peakes
Duration: 10 hours 5 minutes
Released: 19 Dec 2012
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Language: English

User Review:

manifold near

Its New Years Eve and Maggie is partying with her bf Steve and his journalist friends…she should be enjoying herself, especially once Steve proposes. Except, Maggie takes a call from the wife of her former partner…he went out for milk and never returned. When Maggie locates Detective Clay Youngs body, his boobytrapped car almost kills Maggie, kills a rookie deputy and maims a captain. As Maggie delves into the motive for Clays suicide, and is stonewalled by his partner and brother-in-law (another cop), she soon discovers that all is not as it seems. Someone doesnt want the truth exposed…is this the end of the line for Maggie?