Kevin Davis – Slow Down, Sell Faster!

The biggest mistake salespeople make in their careers is equating a faster pitch with a faster close. Author Kevin Davis shows listeners how to slow down and focus on the customer buying process, so they can identify and quantify customers real needs – and adapt their sales pitches accordingly.

Slow Down, Sell Faster! does this by introducing a simple yet powerful method for buyer-focused selling that is practical, repeatable, and easily customizable. This buyer-focused approach extends to proposals and presentations, loyalty and retention, and, of course, cultivating more business. Each step in the book corresponds to a role you should adopt to meet customers needs at each stage of the buying process.

Increasing sales is not just about learning more sales techniques; its about understanding the buying process – from your customers point of view. Packed with examples from the author’s extensive experience and detailed research on customer buying patterns, Slow Down, Sell Faster! offers an alternative to traditional selling that leads to increased sales – and happier customers.

Author: Kevin Davis
Narrator: Stephen Bowlby
Duration: 6 hours 27 minutes
Released: 20 Jun 2001
Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group
Language: English

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eccentricity dogmatic

Read this now. This is loaded with the most up to date tactics, skills and techniques you need to deliver real value to your customers and your organization. One of the best investments you can make in yourself and your team.