Kevin Gerald – Naked and Unafraid

It’s time to live a vulnerable and expansive life, to not let self-criticism or the criticism of others determine who you are or what you do.

Fear of criticism has turned into a massive epidemic harder than ever to overcome. It prevents people from speaking up; it’s why most people struggle to make decisions; it’s why we’re uncomfortable with vulnerability and openness; and it’s why so many are unable to meet their full potential. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Through the Bible story of King David dancing naked in the streets while his distant, guarded, and critical wife watches from a window, Naked and Unafraid provides a visual contrast of these two characters that sheds light on the way we all approach life and explains how the fear of criticism impacts our lives much more than we realize or are willing to admit.

God didn’t create us to live guarded, isolated lives. Our greatest fulfillment isn’t found in the window. It’s found in the street. Everything in our lives, including our relationships, our work, our emotional and spiritual health, gets better in a place of openness and vulnerability. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy…because it’s not. Vulnerability is risky. Exposure is scary.

Naked and Unafraid pushes listeners to:

Find the courage to not let criticism control or determine who they are and what they do.

Stop living in the shallow end of relationships and experience the rewards that true vulnerability can bring.

Abandon smallness and live the life they were born to live.

Discover how the fear of criticism diminishes in direct proportion to understanding it.

Reject the limitations and inhibitions of “window living,” so they can experience the freedom and rewards of “street life.”

Confront their own worst critic that counts them out of what God has included them in.

God will help you move away from window watching, and toward street dancing. Know who He says you are, and live in that freedom!

Author: Kevin Gerald
Narrator: Kevin Gerald
Duration: 7 hours 20 minutes
Released: 20 Apr 2002
Publisher: Faith Words
Language: English

User Review:

thickness tearful

What if I had been beating myself up for years for no reason? “I’ don’t have the work ethic.” “I’m lazy, undriven.” “I don’t have the drive.” “I don’t have what it takes, I’m not good enough”. What if It were none of those things? What if I was put into far from optimal, even seriously net negatively productivity environments?
This book changed my life and the way I looked at myself. It caused me to question the deeply rooted shame in myself that caused me to believe I was a hardwired failure. I can’t stress enough how important the idea that this book has conveyed to me that helped the way I look at myself. Maybe I’m not inherently a failure and that if I just reshape my habits, my thought process, and my environment, I can become 100x more productive. (Not an exaggeration). Maybe I can go to college, and complete college. Though practical life engineering. By cleaning up my life in a real way.

I’ve read many self help books and the two great flaws most of them share is this: 1. Filler; Taking a decent idea and stretching it 200 pages (it drags). 2: It’s full of guru mumbo jumbo. (“YOU HAVE TO WANT IT AS BAD AS YOU WANT AIR ((What??)))
This book doesn’t have either of those problems. It’s to the point, backed by science, and has intensely valuable practical application. This book ranks in my top 2, and honestly, it might be number 1.

Thank you for the audiobook, Benjamin Hardy.