Kevin Wignall – The Names of the Dead

They locked him up. Now hes out–for revenge.

Former CIA officer James Wes Wesley paid the ultimate price for his patriotism when he was locked up in a French jail for an anti-terror operation gone wrong–abandoned by the Agency he served, shunned by his colleagues and friends, cut off from his family.

Now he is shattered by the news that his ex-wife, Rachel, a State Department analyst, has been killed in a terrorist attack in Spain. He also discovers that his young son, Ethan, is missing. But Wes didnt know he had a son–until now.

Why was Rachel in Spain? And why did she keep his son secret from him?

Granted early release, Wes takes flight across Europe to search for the truth and exact his revenge. But can he catch the spies who betrayed him before they track him down? In order to find the answers and save his son, Wes realises he must confront the dark secrets in his own past–before its too late.

Author: Kevin Wignall
Narrator: Michael Braun
Duration: 7 hours 40 minutes
Released: 20 Jan 2002
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Language: English

User Review:

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This was a pretty good story about a CIA agent that was in a prison in Spain for giving the order to shoot down a helicopter with bad guys, only to find out it was full of innocents. He found out he was given the wrong information and when he got out he went after the ones who gave him that information.

Even though it was good I wont be reading anymore by this author. When books are full of killing and torture and the bad guys wont even say sh*t, even if they have a mouthful, then I cant enjoy it. Killing and torture but no swearing? Thats never going to happen.

So, for all of you readers who want killing but only clean talk you will enjoy this.

And there was no sex or romance. BUT I really liked Mia, Wess friend.

As to the narration: Michael Braun was fantastic when he was in Spain. The men sounded exactly like Antonio Bandaras. Then he left Spain. Bummer!