Kristiana Gregory – The Clue at the Bottom of the Lake

Cabin Creek is a small town with a lot of big secrets. Its the middle of the night when Jeff spots someone dumping a large bundle into the lake. Its too dark to identify anyone or anything. But the cousins immediately suspect foul play, and plunge right into the mystery. Before they know it, the kids of Cabin Creek are in too deep. Everyone is a suspect and the cousins are all in danger!
Author: Kristiana Gregory
Narrator: uncredited
Duration: 1 hr and 40 minutes
Released: 11 Nov 2007
Publisher: Oasis Audio
Language: English

User Review:

woodcutter longtime

the autor tried to evoke the time, place and texture of the life of a star. the book ends on a screetching if the author wanted to say more but was cut off..
the narrator was terrible..a grating almost mechanical reading that rarely came to life. . I wish I had just splurged on a hardbound copy of the book and not wasted my credit on the audio copy