Kristin Neff PhD, Shauna Shapiro PhD – The Science of Mindfulness and Self-Compassion

Learn the science of self-compassion and mindfulness to heal and build resilience.

In the face of a setback or failure, is your first response to “get tough” on yourself? Do you worry that being too easy on yourself will make you “go soft”? In fact, more than a decade of research shows that mindful self-compassion makes us stronger, not weaker. Together, mindfulness and self-compassion:

Reduce anxiety, depression, trauma symptoms, and chronic pain.

Make us more capable, connected with others, and resilient.

Improve our health, personal relationships, and ability to achieve our aspirations.

In this immersive seven-hour audio program – presented to an audience of psychotherapists, caregivers, teachers, and meditators – you’ll join two pioneering researchers to explore:

The science supporting the many benefits of mindfulness and self-compassion

How to build kind awareness through meditations, physical gestures, and many other tested methods

How to cultivate presence, ease, and courage

Taught with depth, humor, and an empathy for those in need, Shauna Shapiro and Kristin Neff weave surprising scientific insights, their own stories as dedicated mothers and researchers, and a wealth of guided practices to bring mindfulness and self-compassion into every area of our lives.


Three ingredients of effective mindfulness: intention, attention, and attitude

Posture, movement, touch, and tone of voice – somatic tools to activate self-compassion

Self-esteem versus self-compassion – crucial differences

Working with a challenging client, parent, or child (and not burning out)

Healing trauma – guidance for survivors and therapists

How mindfulness and self-compassion foster secure attachment within ourselves

Interconnectedness and interbeing – how self-compassion and mindfulness expand our empathy and sense of self – and many other topics

Author: Kristin Neff PhD, Shauna Shapiro PhD
Narrator: Kristin Neff PhD, Shauna Shapiro PhD
Duration: 7 hours 11 minutes
Released: 19 Feb 2004
Publisher: Sounds True
Language: English

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dredging drunk

very delightful, like being present in the session. the calm and vividness was great! thanks