Kristin Neff PhD – The Yin and Yang of Self-Compassion

Gentle and fierce – two sides of self-compassion that we all need now

A vast body of research shows that the skill of self-compassion can deeply calm and heal us. But there’s also a fierce “momma bear” side of self-compassion. And all of us – especially women – need it more than ever.

In the face of a threatening or unjust situation, have you ever kept silent because you didn’t want to rock the boat or make things worse? And then, did you wonder: “Next time, how can I become stronger and more effective?”

That’s the purpose of The Yin and Yang of Self-Compassion. Kristin Neff, PhD, created this inspiring audio program to help you understand and build the two complementary aspects of this crucial skill:

The receptive Yin side self-compassion – how to soothe and comfort yourself when you’re in pain and rest in loving, connected presence when alone or with those you care about.

The active Yang side self-compassion – how to see the truth of a situation with courage, protect yourself, and stand strong with others in the face of hostility or harm.

In the years since Kristin Neff and her colleagues first identified the trait of self-compassion, weve learned that being kind to ourselves does not weaken us. In fact, just the opposite is true: It makes us more confident, grounded, and resilient amid crisis.

Through fascinating research, stories from Kristin’s own experiences as a mother and scientist, and key guided practices, you’ll learn how to cultivate the full spectrum of self-compassion – to support yourself and others when it matters the most.

Author: Kristin Neff PhD
Narrator: Kristin Neff PhD
Duration: 3 hours 18 minutes
Released: 19 Oct 2009
Publisher: Sounds True
Language: English

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