Krystyna Carmi, Katarzyna Stewart – translator – The Strange Ways of Providence in My Life

Happy childhood, horrors of war, and the miraculous rescue of the only child survivor from Obertyn.

Krystyna Carmi’s childhood in Obertyn was full of happy moments. Her childhood was filled with friends, both Polish and Ukrainian, and she attended a Ukrainian school. Krystyna Carmi was gifted with an extraordinary memory, and in this memoir, she vividly recounts the history of her family and her life before, during, and after World War II. But her happy childhood did not last long; World War II changed it forever.

The worst was still ahead for the Jewish community in Obertyn and for Krystyna’s family. After the Germans ordered the Jews to move into the Kolomyja ghetto, Krystyna’s family went to live in the ghetto.

Her parents and her sister did not survive the family’s attempt to escape the ghetto, but despite her loss, Krystyna struggled to stay alive; she was hiding in order to save her life, she faced hunger, thirst, fear for her life. Nevertheless, Providence chose for her to live, to be.

More than a memoir, The Strange Ways of Providence in My Life gives the listener a piece of history.

Author: Krystyna Carmi, Katarzyna Stewart – translator
Narrator: Suzanne Toren
Duration: 6 hrs
Released: 19 Dec 2003
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Language: English

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biologist manic

The audible version did not do into the nuts and bolts of the construction of Cathedral did give some interesting historical facts about it.