Kurt Eichenwald – Conspiracy of Fools

In 2000, when The Informant was published, few would’ve imagined that a story about price fixing at Archer Daniels Midland could be as un-put-downable as the best crime fiction. Yet critics, and consumers, agreed: New York Times reporter Kurt Eichenwald had taken the stuff of dry business reporting and turned it into an unparalleled page-turner. With Conspiracy of Fools, Eichenwald has done it again.

Say the name ‘Enron’ and most people believe they’ve heard all about the story that imperiled a presidency, destroyed a marketplace, and changed Washington and Wall Street forever. But in the hands of Kurt Eichenwald, the players we think we know and the business practices we think have been exposed are transformed into entirely new, and entirely gripping, material. The cast includes but is not limited to George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Paul O’Neill, Harvey Pitt, Colin Powell, Gray Davis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Alan Greenspan, Ken Lay, Andy Fastow, Jeff Skilling, Bill Clinton, Rupert Murdoch, and Michael Eisner. Providing a you-are-there glimpse behind closed doors in the executive suites of the Enron Corporation, the Texas governor’s mansion, the Justice Department, and even the Oval Office, Conspiracy of Fools is an all-true financial and political thriller of cinematic proportions.

Author: Kurt Eichenwald
Narrator: Robertson Dean
Duration: 30 hours 26 minutes
Released: 5 Mar 2011
Publisher: Books on Tape
Language: English

User Review:

refusal proficient

Great listen! Couldn’t put it down, all 4 volumes and 30+ hours. I was sceptical however read like a story, felt close to the characters like no other non fiction. Movie “Smartest guys…” paled in comparison. Highly recommend especially if intrigued by the scandal. The narration was also exceptional and added to my enjoyment.