Laird Close, The Great Courses – Life in Our Universe

Are we alone in the universe? This is one of the most profound issues facing mankind – and one of the unresolved questions that science may finally be able to answer in this century.

These 24 mind-expanding lectures reveal the cutting-edge research leading scientists to believe that life is not exclusively the domain of Earth. Professor Close offers an unparalleled look at the subject of life and the mysteries that remain. You’ll examine the remarkable coincidences that created our planet and sustained its habitability for 3.5 billion years. And you’ll join the hunt for microbial life elsewhere in our solar system and Earth-like planets in alien solar systems.

With Professor Close’s expert guidance, you’ll delve into some of the biggest questions facing science today. What can the Earth and its current and past life tell us about life in our universe? Where else in our solar system can there be life? Are there habitable planets and life around other stars? Is there other intelligent life in our universe? Is there a new home for mankind? If so, how can we find it?

Suited for the scientifically inclined and curious alike, these lectures make even the most complex content highly accessible. And theyll give you the essential context necessary to make sense of the news on emerging discoveries and their implications.

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Author: Laird Close, The Great Courses
Narrator: The Great Courses
Duration: 12 hours 2 minutes
Released: 19 Mar 2004
Publisher: The Great Courses
Language: English

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This course was released in 2019, but seems to be actually recorded in 2012 or earlier. It’s information is too old.