Lalah Delia – Vibrate Higher Daily

Tap into your inner power with this mind-opening guide to vibrational-based living from Instagram star and self-help pioneer behind the internet community Vibrate Higher Daily.

There is another way of being in the world. There is a better way to exist, rise, move beyond, and take our power back.

Too often, we feel pulled down by circumstances or the negativity of others. We think we have no control over the things that are hurting us and holding us back from realizing our truest selves. But for Lalah Delia, we have more power within us than we know. Listen to your unique inner voice and trust your instincts: by doing so, youre already experiencing the transformative power of vibrational-based living.

Vibrating higher daily is about making intentional day-to-day choices that lift us out of mindsets, habits, and lifestyles that don’t serve us and into ones that do. This book is an invitation to engage with the things that feed our soul and raise our vibration, and to simultaneously let go of the things bringing our energy down. Through poetry, mantras, and affirmations, Lalah Delia empowers us to live with higher potential and quality of being.

Vibrate Higher Daily is a manifesto unlike any other for stepping into our power.

Supplemental enhancement PDF accompanies the audiobook.

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Author: Lalah Delia
Narrator: Bahni Turpin
Duration: 4 hours 2 minutes
Released: 19 Oct 2012
Publisher: HarperAudio
Language: English

User Review:

ownership jobless

This book is such a gift to the world. Powerful and on purpose!!! Spoke to my soul & help me divinely realign to my center. I love the respect and reverence paid to our ancestors who laid the groundwork before us. Especially when Lalah touched on Maat and the 42 laws.. beyond powerful!!! This book is everything!