Lance Witt – High Impact Teams

No matter how big an organization, we all do ministry with a team, whether paid or volunteer. Anyone who has been part of a great team knows it’s something special. When there is good chemistry, everyone is operating from his or her sweet spot, the objectives are clear, and kingdom progress is being made, it is incredibly fulfilling and fun.

On the flip side, we’re painfully aware what happens when there is dysfunction in the team – stress, tension, politics, and posturing. It’s not much fun for anyone, and we end up squandering our divine assignment.

Lance Witt, founder of Replenish ministries and a former executive and teaching pastor at Saddleback Church, knows what it takes to keep teams functioning at the highest level of impact. He shows leaders how to build next-level teams that are spiritually, emotionally, and relationally healthy, productive, and high-performing.

Short, to-the-point chapters make the audiobook easy to digest and the perfect resource for your team to listen through together.

Author: Lance Witt
Narrator: Scott Pollak
Duration: 9 hours 6 minutes
Released: 18 Jul 2009
Language: English

User Review:

die hard-line

I ate this book up. the author’s transparency was refreshing, welcomed and healing. The instructions shared totally useable. It will be a warn and without dust within my library. thank you Lance.