Lane Moore – How to Be Alone

The former sex and relationships editor for Cosmopolitan and host of the wildly popular comedy show Tinder Live with Lane Moore presents her poignant, funny, and deeply moving first audiobook.

Lane Moore is a rare performer who is as impressive onstage – whether hosting her iconic show Tinder Live or being the enigmatic front woman of It Was Romance – as she is on the page, as both a former writer for The Onion and an award-winning sex and relationships editor for Cosmopolitan. But her story has had its obstacles, including being her own parent, living in her car as a teenager, and moving to New York City to pursue her dreams. Through it all, she looked to movies, TV, and music as the family and support systems she never had.

From spending the holidays alone to having better stranger luck than with those closest to her to feeling like the last hopeless romantic on Earth, Lane reveals her powerful and entertaining journey in all its candor, anxiety, and ultimate acceptance – with humor always her bolstering force and greatest gift.

How to Be Alone is a must-listen for anyone whose childhood still feels unresolved, who spends more time pretending to have friends online than feeling close to anyone in real life, who tries to have genuine, deep conversations in a roomful of people who would rather you not. Above all, its an audiobook for anyone who desperately wants to feel less alone and a little more connected through listening to her words.

Author: Lane Moore
Narrator: Lane Moore
Duration: 6 hours 3 minutes
Released: 18 Jun 2011
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Language: English

User Review:

hormone understandable

Disclaimer: I only made it to the 3rd chapter. The title and catchy cover are highly misleading. This is not an insightful, informed guide with the occasional illustrative anecdote, but rather a self-pitying, desperate word vomit of Moores life story, full of cliched analogies and corny jokes. Its better suited as a free podcast you listen to at half-attention during your morning commute. If youre looking for something with any intellectual merit this is NOT FOR YOU. If youre looking for a bubbly and relatable narrator to chat your ear off and melt your brain cells, this is for you.