Larry Niven, Edward M. Lerner – Betrayer of Worlds

Since fleeing the supernova chain reaction at the galactic core, the cowardly Puppeteers of the Fleet of Worlds have – just barely – survived one crisis after another: the rebellion of their human slaves, the relentless questing of the species of Known Space, the spectacular rise of the starfishlike Gw’oth, the onslaught of the genocidal Pak.

Now fresh disaster looms, as though past crises have returned and converged. Who can possibly save the Fleet this time?

Larry Niven is the multiple Hugo and Nebula awardwinning author of the Ringworld series, along with many other science fiction masterpieces. Edward M. Lerner has degrees in physics and computer science, a background that kept him mostly out of trouble until he began writing science fiction full-time.

Author: Larry Niven, Edward M. Lerner
Narrator: Tom Weiner
Duration: 9 hours 34 minutes
Released: 10 Dec 2010
Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
Language: English

User Review:

extremist predatory

Well the thing about these books is that the Narrator does a great job but for some reason after the first book he mispronounces the character “Baedeker” and some aliens, in the first book “Fleet of Worlds” it is pronounced as “bed-a-ker” and the rest of the books it is pronounced as “beta-ker” – aliens called “Gw’oth” pronounced as “gwa-auth” becomes “guat-ta-oth” or something like that, this is stupid and if the cause was that they were pronounced incorrectly in this the first book then in the next ones where its changed it needs to be mentioned in a forward by the reader, its stranger since its the same Narrator.

Now the review, this is another great book in a great series that is a prequel to a 42 year old book by the same author, If you read the previous books in this series then you probably will read this one so there isnt much to review here other than the story continues but at the end it hasn’t gotten to the next book in chronological order which is “Ringworld” so there is still room for more books to be written.

If you already read Ringworld as many people have since its from 1970 then you sorta know what happens next, but not really since there is still room for more books to be written, I have read the first 3 books in this series around the time they came out and went on to other books, when this one was released I went back and listened to them again in order and have since went on to “Ringworld” and the ones that follow, this whole story and universe that was created is so good and the fact that these books are modern (as in written in 2007 and up range) its based upon something created in the 70’s and it still holds up great

No reason not to read this book if you have already read the first 3 – after this one move onto Ringworld, I know its from 1970 but trust me it doesn’t feel like it