Lee Goldberg – Killer Thriller

In #1 New York Times bestselling author Lee Goldbergs action-packed sequel to The Washington Post bestseller True Fiction, a hapless writer is pitted against an enemy nation mounting a treacherous plot lifted from one of his thrillers.

Everybody loves Ian Ludlows action novels – especially the CIA – because the spies know something the public doesnt: his fictional plots have a frightening tendency to come true. Ian is in Hong Kong with his resourceful assistant Margo French to research his wildest story yet – a deadly global conspiracy by Chinese intelligence to topple the United States.

What Ian doesnt know is that his horrifying scenario is happening and that the Chinese mistakenly believe hes an undercover superspy assigned to foil their scheme. Now Ian is trapped in his own terrifying thriller, on the run from assassins, and racing against time to prevent an epic disaster. Hes written himself into a corner that could cost his life…and his country.

Author: Lee Goldberg
Narrator: Adam Verner
Duration: 7 hours 36 minutes
Released: 19 Dec 2002
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Language: English

User Review:

doorman super

1st book, idea of a script in real life was novel. 2nd time around not so much. I dont recommend the book or the Audible version. The author goes through the motion of laying down the basis of the plot but there is no drama. No intrigue. Nothing is left to build excitement. No plot depth … it reads like a bad action movie that you find on netflix with C level actors and a 54% thumbs up rating. The characters are shallow and the quips aren’t funny. The worst characters are the chinese bad guys. Nothing believable about them. It’s just so predictable and the dialogue is like you’d find in a B-movie that goes straight to cable. The crowning glory, I listen to Audible, is the narrator who uses basically the same voice for every character, same intonation and emotion with no variation. Its monotonous…