Lee Hartley Carter – Persuasion

The secrets to persuading anyone, at work and in life, from a top communication strategist.

In the post-fact, deeply divided world we live in, true persuasion is rare. Engaging with people holding differing opinions is rarer still. But for progress to take place, persuasionmust happen. Whether it’s convincing an employer you are right for the job, a customer that your product is the best, or your closed-minded uncle that good people can disagree, it takes the art – and science – of persuasion to move forward.

So, how do you change someone’s mind – or at least advance the conversation – when everyone is entrenched in their own points of view? Communication expert Lee Hartley Carter has spent nearly 20 years advising and helping the world’s most well-known companies do just that.

Among the counterintuitive secrets you’ll learn:

It’s not enough to understand the person you’re talking to – you must truly empathize with them (yes, eventhem).

Logic alone doesn’t work. Stories and emotions are what move us most.

When communicating in a crisis, our first instinct is almost always wrong.

Filled with deeply researched insights into how we make up – and change – our minds, as well as colorful real-world examples and actionable recommendations,Persuasionwill help you hone your message and craft your narrative in order to get heard and get results.

Includes a PDF of the Persuasion Plan Workbook

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Author: Lee Hartley Carter
Narrator: Lee Hartley Carter
Duration: 4 hours 59 minutes
Released: 19 Mar 2009
Publisher: Penguin Audio
Language: English

User Review:

domination numerous

Loved it! Read through entire book, then go back and do the work. This is not just informative, but gives you a plan to follow!