LeJuan James – Definitely Hispanic

Perfect for fans of Fresh Off the Boats situational humor and Jane the Virgins celebration of Latinidad, Definitely Hispanic is a collection of introspective memoiristic essays by social media influencer and viral phenomenon LeJuan James about growing up Hispanic in the US.

LeJuan James loves being Hispanic. But growing up in the US to immigrant parents, he quickly noticed their house rules and traditions didnt always match up with his friends. The result was a lifetime of laugh-out-loud relatable content for his videos. After half a decade of reenacting his experiences online, LeJuan is taking a closer look at everything he loves about his familys culture.

Definitely Hispanic is a collection of heartfelt memoiristic essays that explores the themes LeJuan touches upon in his videos and celebrates the values and traditions being kept alive by Hispanic parents raising US-born children. He shares anecdotes about discovering the differences between his and his friends households, demystifies La Pela (the Spanking), explains the vital role women play in Hispanic families, and pays reverence to universal cultural truths like food is love and music is in Hispanics DNA.

From “#Home”, where he talks about how his family moved back and forth between the US and Puerto Rico until settling in Orlando, FL, to “#TheHouse”, when he was finally able to buy his parents the home they deserve thanks to his online success; this wide-ranging collection of essays will resonate with fans of all ages who feel like they straddle the line between two (or more) cultures, languages, and/or identities.

Author: LeJuan James
Narrator: LeJuan James
Duration: 5 hours 29 minutes
Released: 19 Apr 2006
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Language: English

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always nice to know the person u admire, and his honesty and candor is refreshing! thank you for a wonderful book!