Leslie Anne Bruce – You Are a F*cking Awesome Mom

A much-needed voice of encouragement for every woman who had a baby and lost her mind

Sometimes, motherhood feels never-ending. A child is born, chaos ensues, and it seems like life will never return to normal.

In You Are a F*cking Awesome Mom, award-winning journalist and Instagram star Leslie Anne Bruce acknowledges that, yes, motherhood is a total mind f*ck – but then she offers the self-empowerment lessons new mothers need to get through the psychic upheaval and emerge stronger than ever. After childbirth, a woman’s body, her relationships, and her very sense of self are tested like never before. Bruce encourages listeners to look past the sugarcoated truisms about the miracles of child-rearing in order to embrace the real joys of motherhood, spit-up stains and all.

Loaded with unfettered support from a mom who has been through it all, You Are a F*cking Awesome Mom offers a lifeline of encouragement, inspiration, and community for the new mama who got a baby, lost her mind, and desperately wants to find herself again.

Author: Leslie Anne Bruce
Narrator: Leslie Anne Bruce
Duration: 8 hours 1 min
Released: 19 Oct 2009
Publisher: Hachette Audio
Language: English

User Review:

bishop blind

I have 2 kids currently. This book is everything that I wanted to say after my first but couldn’t find the words. Even after number 2 I connect so much with what is written on what seems like every page.

Any soon to be mama, thinking about being a mama, or a mama that has kiddos that are older I feel can learn or connect with this book.

I hope it starts some conversation about postpartum care in America because Mama’s are taking care of the future of our country but who is taking care of us.

Even made my husband listen to it so made be can understand what I have gone through. and he likes it too.