Lindsey Hilsum – In Extremis

The devastating biography of Marie Colvin, the foremost war reporter of her generation, who was killed in Syria in 2012.

When Marie Colvin was killed by an IED in Homs, Syria, in 2012, at age 56, the world lost one of its most fearless, accomplished, and iconoclastic war correspondents, an eye-patch wearing, party-throwing, and risk-taking female combat reporter who covered the most significant and destructive global calamities of her lifetime.

In Extremis: The Life and Death of War Reporter Marie Colvin, written by Colvins friend and prizewinning fellow reporter Lindsey Hilsum, is a thrilling and powerful investigation into Colvins epic life and tragic death.

After growing up in a middle-class Catholic family on Long Island, Colvin got her start working for The Sunday Times, where she was driven with reckless abandon to tell the stories of the victims of the major conflicts of our time. She lost an eye reporting in Sri Lanka at the end of their civil war, interviewed Gaddafi twice, and risked her life covering conflict in Chechnya, East Timor, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, and Zimbabwe.

Unsurprisingly, her personal life was as unpredictable as her professional: bold, driven, and complex, she was married multiple times, had many lovers, drank heavily, suffered from PTSD, and refused to be bound by societys expectations for women.

With exclusive access to Colvins intimate diaries from age 13 to her death in 2012, interviews with people from every corner of Colvins extraordinary life, and expert research worthy of Colvin herself, Lindsey Hilsums In Extremis is a timely and propulsive biography of the foremost war correspondent of her generation.

Author: Lindsey Hilsum
Narrator: Lindsey Hilsum
Duration: 13 hours 25 minutes
Released: 18 Jun 2011
Publisher: Macmillan Audio
Language: English

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voter two-week

Honest and painful view of a woman who was part of all of us fierce females of the sixties. Marie Colvin sought refuge in all of our escapes and rebellions- sex and drugs and alcohol and parties. But where she displayed her greatest courage was not only on the front lines – it was in her internal battle for love and self acceptance. Her rejection of fear and danger on behalf of those who pay the price of being pawns in the wars of super powers was necessary to the larger world and to the world of herself. She collected the injuries of war. She could not treat them all. She did triumph in friends and in her work.

Lindsay Hilaum has written a fine and compassionate story. It is tragedy on the grand scale. Thank you. you are more than equAl to the task.