Louis L’Amour – The Sky-Liners

The Sackett boys weren’t out to make a reputation, it just happened that way. They had crossed Black Fetchen and lived to tell about it. Now Fetchen was coming for them with the most expensive hired guns in the country. But the Sacketts were no strangers to trouble. They knew what guns were and how to use them, and one thing was sure, when the showdown came, the Sacketts would be ready, and someone was going to die.
Author: Louis L’Amour
Narrator: Jason Culp
Duration: 5 hours 51 minutes
Released: 5 Feb 2012
Publisher: Random House AudioBooks
Language: English

User Review:

lingo consular

I only have one complaint with this book. Most of the chapters have too much dead space between them. I did not time them but would guess they ran 15-30 seconds. Enough time to make you think the program had stopped.