Lyle W. Dorsett – E. M. Bounds

The name of E.M. Bounds is familiar to anyone who has an interest in prayer. In a world awash in books that jam the isles of bookstores everywhere, few will even begin to survive the lifetime of the authors, but that is not true of E.M. Bounds.

After a century, many of his books are still in print. Their long life is a testimony to the timeliness of the prayer lessons he learned from his own deep Christian spirituality. In view of the popularity of E.M. Bounds writings, it seems incredible that so little of him has been published.

To remedy that amazing state of affairs, Lyle W. Dorsett has read every scrap of paper related to Bounds, and the family has made available to him for the first time a private collection of the Bounds correspondence. From that, Dorsett wrote this account of Mr. Bounds’ life.

Author: Lyle W. Dorsett
Narrator: Jonathan Marosz
Duration: 2 hours 27 minutes
Released: 9 Nov 2002
Language: English

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fishnet inferior

I have an even deeper admiration for this incredible man. I also loved the anecdotes that shed further light on this era of church history.