Lynne Truss – Inspector Steine (Dramatised)

The first series of Lynne Truss’s hugely popular BBC Radio 4 comedy thriller set in 1950s Brighton. A place of knickerbocker glories, end-of-the pier shows… and an enormous amount of unsolved crime.

Step forward Inspector Steine. Naive and innocent, he believes that he wiped out all the villains at a single stroke in the Middle Street Massacre when seventeen local hoodlums gunned each other to death. Fortunately, long-suffering Sergeant Brunswick is at hand to help Steine with his enquiries. Aided by keen Constable Twitten, they must find the criminal mastermind who is operating undetected in their midst.

In these six episodes, a headless corpse is found on the Palace Pier ghost train; a foppish London theatre critic is found dead after a performance of a kitchen-sink drama; and the Inspector decides to go undercover at the Black Cat Casino while a robbery takes place in the bank next door to the police station. In addition, Ventriloquist Vince receives threats after moving his booth to a new pitch; Steine falls in love with Adelaide Vine, the beautiful owner of a fish and chip shop; and ponders how to celebrate the five-year anniversary of the Middle Street Massacre: unaware that a deranged criminal has escaped from Broadmoor with revenge on his lips…

Starring Michael Fenton Stevens as Steine and Jan Ravens as Mrs Groynes, this perfectly-judged blend of humour, nostalgia and mystery from bestselling author Lynne Truss makes for an irresistible listen.

Author: Lynne Truss
Narrator: Michael Fenton Stevens, Jan Ravens
Duration: 2 hours 47 minutes
Released: 10 Mar 2003
Publisher: BBC Worldwide Ltd
Language: English

User Review:

waistline questionable

A beautiful homage to the classic tales of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, with hilarious hijinks and madcap mayhem featuring Holmes, Watson, and all the usual suspects. Well, maybe a few unusual suspects…such as a pig, a doppelgnger, a not-so-shrinking Violet, and dear Dr. John Watson himself! The Petaluma Radio Players ensemble cast adeptly portrays these characters with panache. Vince Stadon is a wickedly funny writer! These recordings are sure to please Sherlock Holmes fans everywhere.