Maggie Dubris – Engaged Writing

Using a beach visualization and the metaphor of surfers on the waves, this hypnosis program increases the writer’s connection to his or her work, and to the inspiration that fuels it. It is especially useful for those who start off with a bang, and then lose their original vision and enthusiasm as they get into the heart of the project. The session was created and recorded by award-winning writer and clinical hypnotist Maggie Dubris.
Author: Maggie Dubris
Narrator: Maggie Dubris
Duration: 19 minutes
Released: 9 Apr 2003
Publisher: Big Happy Family, LLC
Language: English

User Review:

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This creativity series is great. I’ve written the creator to see if I can purchase the whole collection from her directly. I just purchased the “Rainforest” hypnosis CD from ITunes. I specifically purchased it from ITunes to avoid the jarring voice over tag that plays at the end of the recordings. I found that the ITunes version has an even longer and more jarring message than the ones purchased directly on the Audible site.

I often listen to audio books to get to sleep and I can’t tell you how many times that ending tag has jarred me awake. It’s so frustrating.
It’s especially frustrating when listening to a CD on meditation or hypnosis. The ending is recorded in a shrill voice that’s many octaves higher than the base recording.

I highly recommend Maggie’s hypnosis recordings. I would love it, if Audible would stop including that jarring voice over tag at the end of all of its recordings.