Malcolm Stone – An Unauthorized Guide to Nalini Singh

This audiobook profiles Nalini Singh, a novelist based in New Zealand. The author of paranormal romance novels has become a best seller in recent years. Find out how she became a writer and how her career has developed.
Author: Malcolm Stone
Narrator: Scott Clem
Duration: 8 minutes
Released: 15 Sep 2011
Publisher: Malcolm Stone
Language: English

User Review:

avant-garde familiar

This book showes what to do when life gets tough. As Gaiman himself has said it “make good art.”

If artists would take Gaiman’s advice and created their art in the example of this book, then maybe the story of Amanda Palmer wouldn’t seem so alien. And as a result we could have a world filled with stronger and healthier relationships between artists and their fans.

I hope every striving artist read this book and decide to take the leap and ask the world. This book opened my eyes and I will do my best to ask or at least notice when I turn away donuts someone is gifting me.

The pleasure of giving is all I want to do with my art, so I will try to not take it away from others. (Artist or not)

Thx, Amanda.