Margaret Mizushima – Tracking Game

Two brutal murders, a menacing band of poachers, and a fearsome creature on the loose in the mountains plunge Mattie Cobb and her K-9 partner Robo into a sinister vortex.

An explosion outside a community dance sends Mattie Cobb and Cole Walker reeling into the night, where they discover a burning van and beside it the body of outfitter Nate Fletcher. But the explosion didnt kill Nate – it was two gunshots to the heart.

The investigation leads them to the home of rancher Doyle Redman, whose daughter is Nates widow, and the object of one of their suspects affection. But before they can make an arrest, they receive an emergency call from a man whos been shot in the mountains. Mattie and Robo rush to the scene, only to be confronted by the ominous growl of a wild predator.

As new players emerge on the scene, Mattie begins to understand the true danger thats enveloping Timber Creek. They journey into the cold, misty mountains to track the animal – but discover something even more deadly in Tracking Game, the fifth installment in Margaret Mizushimas Timber Creek K-9 mysteries.

Author: Margaret Mizushima
Narrator: Nancy Wu
Duration: 9 hours 9 minutes
Released: 19 Dec 2011
Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
Language: English

User Review:

snatch sweating

Another great book written and narrated by two very talented people!
I have enjoyed all the books in this series! I would highly recommend them!