Margot Anand – Sexual Magic Meditations

Of the paths to the divine, there is none more intriguing than the art of sacred sexuality. In India, where the ancient art of tantra was perfected, the spiritual-erotic dimension of sexuality remains an important part of sacred practice. With Sexual Magic Meditations, you will learn how to safely and creatively explore this sacred side of your sexuality and how to bridge sexual union with an inner source of wisdom and power. Four step-by-step meditations for lovers show you how to control and channel sexual energies, heal painful memories, and heighten awareness through many specific techniques, including breath control, practices for focusing your inner energies, and guided visualization exercises.
Author: Margot Anand
Narrator: Margot Anand
Duration: 3 hours 3 minutes
Released: 15 Mar 2011
Publisher: Sounds True
Language: English

User Review:

dignitary preferable

I highly recommend these meditations. They have changed my life forever. I usually don’t like many meditations but this one is definitely perfect for me.