Mark Dawson – The Angel

White light. Heat. A drawn-out moment of complete silence. And then the screaming starts.

An Underground carriage in London is destroyed by a suicide bomber. The injured and the dead litter the platform. But as a crowd forms at street level, Michael Pope knows that this is only the beginning.

Pope, head of top-secret Group 15, is tasked with finding the perpetrators of this atrocity and bringing them to justice, any way he can. He knows that the answers to many of his questions will lie at the end of the money trail, but he also knows that whoever funded and organized the attack will kill again for their freedom.

This is an operation that requires a very special kind of agent. Pope needs someone who exists outside of normality. Someone who floats above it, treading softly through a fractured life.

He needs the Angel.

Author: Mark Dawson
Narrator: Napoleon Ryan
Duration: 8 hours 22 minutes
Released: 15 Mar 2011
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Language: English

User Review:

quake sporadic

This isn’t a novel, it’s a chapter! How dare they not tell us? BEWARE… you will spend hours only to discover a “To Be Continued”! This is bait and switch… only pretending to be a story when it’s mere part leading to a monstrous tease! I may still have bought this thing if they’d told me and I knew that I should prepare to read more, or at least that would be a demand. Self Indulgence on the part of the writer, the publisher and AudioBooks. NEVER sell me a part of a book without fore-notice. I am totally ticked off!