Mark Miodownik – Stuff Matters

A unique and inspiring exploration of human creativity from one of the UK’s best known scientists.

Everything is made of something….

From the everyday objects in our homes to the most extraordinary new materials that will shape our future, Stuff Matters reveals the inner workings of the man-made world and the miracles of craft, design, engineering and ingenuity that surround us every day.

From the teacup to the jet engine, the silicon chip to the paper clip, from the ancient technologies of fabrics and ceramic to today’s self-healing metals and bionic implants, this is a book to inspire amazement and delight at mankind’s creativity.

Mark Miodownik is Professor of Materials and Society at UCL, scientist-in-residence on Dara O Briain’s Science Club (BBC2) and presenter of several documentaries, including The Genius of Invention (BBC2). In 2010, he gave the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, broadcast on BBC4. He is Director of the UCL Institute of Making, which is home to a materials library containing some of the most wondrous matter on earth, and has collaborated to make interactive events with many museums, such as Tate Modern, the Hayward Gallery and Wellcome Collection. In 2014, Stuff Matters won the Royal Society Winton Prize.

Author: Mark Miodownik
Narrator: Daniel Weyman
Duration: 6 hours 53 minutes
Released: 18 Jun 2009
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Language: English

User Review:

inductivist incomprehensible

the book os great! I never tought a material’s science book would be so interesting