Mark Stevens – The Kill

Do you want to join the ranks of the top salespeople in your industry? Well, the rules have changed! No more diplomatic, play it by the old rules salesmanship. It’s not enough to simply seek a sale…you must mount an overwhelming offense and move in for The Kill.

In this provocative new audiobook, Mark Stevens provides a roadmap for doing just that. He will tell you how to:

Completely control the agenda

Introduce the element of surprise

Develop an offer that is virtually irresistibleBased on real world experience, The Kill is an indispensable tool for exceptional success.

Author: Mark Stevens
Narrator: Mark Stevens
Duration: 1 hr and 55 minutes
Released: 9 Dec 2011
Publisher: Gildan Media, LLC
Language: English

User Review:

substrate individual

The book is more for Realtors and people who need to create a long time relationship with clients in order to get referals etc. I was not impressed with any of the techniques offered. It is more of kissup to the customer attitude than anything. If you are undecided betweed this book and another, try the other.