Mark Wayne McGinnis – Guardian Ship

Dominic Moretti was dealing with a lot of issues. Life hadnt been easy since returning home from Afghanistan. His marriage was on the rocks, his sports betting was out of control, and he was hanging out with the wrong cronies in Manhattans Little Italy – just another war hero who couldnt piece his life back together in the real world. Also, there was that strange, annoying feeling that he was being watched….

Humankind was indeed being evaluated, by the highly advanced Khantam Lom, an alien species in control of much of the galaxy. Did this selfish, war-mongering, human race warrant protection from the soon-to be-invading Wikk Empire? An insectile species with insatiable appetites, the Wikk were hell-bent on subjugating Earth as one of their many farming settlements.

So the adventure begins. Dominic inadvertently saves the life of a Khantam Lom Observer, and everything changes. Humankind has but one – seeming impossible – shot at avoiding a catastrophic fate. Dominic wont be able to do it alone, but will the ragtag team hes assembled be enough? Will any of them survive long enough to make a difference?

Author: Mark Wayne McGinnis
Narrator: Adam Gold
Duration: 10 hours 54 minutes
Released: 19 Jan 2010
Publisher: Podium Publishing
Language: English

User Review:

propellant warm

The purple hart ,silver star veteran befriend an alien, and goes to war. From that moment he gets dumber and starts making more errors off judgement putting himself and humankinds future in jeopardy. The writer sets the hero in one after the next most brilliant trap that could have been avoided by a D&D player after 5 seconds of thinking. Its so frustrating I had to leave the book for days and only restart after I had forgot about the frustration.