Martin Cruz Smith – The Siberian Dilemma

From the award-winning, best-selling author of Gorky Park and Tatiana comes a breathtaking new novel about investigator Arkady Renko – one of the most compelling figures in modern fiction (USA Today) – who travels deep into Siberia to find missing journalist Tatiana Petrovna.

Journalist Tatiana Petrovna is on the move. Arkady Renko, iconic Moscow investigator and Tatianas part-time lover, hasnt seen her since she left on assignment over a month ago. When she doesnt arrive on her scheduled train, hes positive something is wrong. No one else thinks Renko should be worried – Tatiana is known to disappear during deep assignments – but he knows her enemies all too well and the criminal lengths to which theyll go to keep her quiet.

Renko embarks on a dangerous journey to find Tatiana and bring her back. From the banks of Lake Baikal to rundown Chita, Renko slowly learns that Tatiana has been profiling the rise of political dissident Mikhail Kuznetsov, a golden boy of modern oil wealth and the first to pose a true threat to Putins rule in over a decade. Though Kuznetsov seems like the perfect candidate to take on the corruption in Russian politics, his reputation becomes clouded when hes implicated in the murder of Boris Benz, his business partner and best friend. In a land of shamans and brutally cold nights, oligarchs wealthy on Northern oil, and sea monsters that are said to prowl the deepest lake in the world, Renko needs all his wits about him to get Tatiana out alive.

The Washington Post has said Martin Cruz Smith is that rare phenomenon: a popular and well-regarded crime novelist who is also a writer of real distinction. In the latest continuation of his unforgettable series, he brings us to the inside world of shadowy political figures and bigwig oil oligarchs providing us with an authentic view of contemporary Russia, infused with his trademark wit.

Author: Martin Cruz Smith
Narrator: Jeremy Bobb
Duration: 6 hours 7 minutes
Released: 19 May 2011
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Language: English

User Review:

halo terraced

Excellent story (though a bit short compared to all of the other Arkady Renko novels), and excellently read by Jeremy Bobb (same man who narrated the Red Sparrow trilogy, another great espionage work by former CIA case officer Jason Matthews). My only qualm with this book is that is was on the shortv side, clocking in at under 10 hours. Also, what’s the deal with the sudden helicopter crash, right after Zurin orders the hit, here are Kuznetzov, Tatiana, SVD the pilot out flying around when suddenly Tatiana calls to say they’ve having technical trouble, and yet Arkady shows up right away to extricate Tatiana, but lets Kuznetzov go under, and STILL didn’t do anything for him even when he comes climbing out of the downed helo. I call shenanigans there