Mary Shelley, Gill Tavner – Frankenstein

An accurate, entertaining retelling of Mary Shelley’s timeless classic.

This retelling of Shelley’s classic tale is one of a series published by Real Reads. It is true to the original in plot, character, and themes as well as in style and syntax. It makes a great introduction to this classic tale, and is an enjoyable listen in its own right.

‘You must hear my tale. You must hear my terrible, terrible tale.’ Committed to the deadly pursuit of the monster he created, Victor Frankenstein tells his chilling story. It all began with a desire to help mankind, but where will it end?

Frankenstein leads us through vast mountainous landscapes and over frozen seas. Can he stop the fiend’s murderous course? Is he prepared to do what the monster demands?

The listener will be shocked and surprised. Is the monster as evil as he seems? Is Victor Frankenstein responsible for the tortures he himself endures? What can Frankenstein’s terrible tale teach us today?

Author: Mary Shelley, Gill Tavner
Narrator: Patrick Howell, Rob Penman, Phil Collins
Duration: 40 minutes
Released: 10 Nov 2008
Publisher: Real Reads
Language: English

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