Maya Angelou – I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Sent by their mother to live with their devout, self-sufficient grandmother in a small Southern town, Maya and her brother, Bailey, endure the ache of abandonment and the prejudice of the local powhitetrash. At eight years old and back at her mothers side in St. Louis, Maya is attacked by a man many times her age – and has to live with the consequences for a lifetime.

Years later, in San Francisco, Maya learns about love for herself and the kindness of others, her own strong spirit, and the ideas of great authors (I met and fell in love with William Shakespeare) will allow her to be free instead of imprisoned.

Poetic and powerful, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is a modern American classic that will touch hearts and change minds for as long as people read – or listen.

Author: Maya Angelou
Narrator: Maya Angelou
Duration: 10 hours 11 minutes
Released: 11 Apr 2001
Publisher: Random House Audio
Language: English

User Review:

metronome nationalist

What a joy it was to listen to Maya Angelou narrate her story! The book is wonderful, and to have her narrate it made it amazing. I was sad when the book ended because I wanted to go on listening to her voice.