Melanie A. Katzman – Connect First

A renowned business psychologist, advisor, and consultant to the worlds leading companies reveals the key to greater success, meaning, and joy at work

Technology has enabled us to be more interconnected today than ever before. So why do so many of us feel isolated and undervalued at work? Why does it feel like something is missing? It doesnt have to be this way. In these rapidly changing, challenging times, how do we – you – develop the intuition, self-awareness, and interpersonal agility required to prosper?

Heres what weve lost track of: organizations are run by people, and people run on emotions. Strong relationships are the bedrock of lasting success, meaning, and joy at work. In this life-changing guide, Dr. Melanie Katzman shows you an impactful approach to connect first as fellow humans, then as coworkers and colleagues, to forge the deep bonds that make a significant difference. Learn how to:

Establish respect and make others feel valued

Engage all of your senses to create a truly inclusive culture

Become popular and be the person everyone wants to work with

Grow loyalty by making it about them – your coworkers

Resolve conflicts by remaining curious and open with others

Fight fear (and prepare for the future) by stepping outside your comfort zone and experimenting with new ideas

Have a big impact by leveraging your platform, living your values, and leading the change

Dr. Katzman presents 52 actions you can take immediately to create a deeply rewarding work life by connecting to yourself, your organization, and the world at large. These are the same powerful techniques she has used with leaders and employees at the worlds top companies to enhance productivity and foster fulfillment and joy at work – the hallmarks of true success.

Author: Melanie A. Katzman
Narrator: Gerry Sanseviero
Duration: 9 hours 57 minutes
Released: 19 Jan 2011
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Language: English

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Great book with practical, actionable advice to help 20-60 somethings out in their career. Enjoyed the narration too