Michael Bernard Beckwith – Your Place of Power

Honoring Your Body – The Vehicle for Your Life’s Purpose

We think of places of power as being sacred sites, cathedrals, or areas of great natural beauty – yet your greatest power spot is a place you inhabit all the time. “Your body temple,” teaches Michael Bernard Beckwith, “was given to you as the instrument through which you fulfill your life’s purpose. It is the temple that houses the living energy of the divine.”

With Your Place of Power, this inspirational author offers insights and practices for honoring the body temple to become healthier, happier, and prepared to embrace the highest vision of your life. Filled with guided meditations and Beckwith’s evolutionary Life Visioning practice, this two-session program features:

Guidance for listening to your body’s intelligence and becoming aware of how your body responds to your thoughts

The five pillars of the body temple – how to provide the necessary physical and spiritual nourishment for good health

Morning and evening practices for daily rejuvenation

Forgiveness – a guided meditation on this essential process for “spiritual detoxification”

Life Visioning – building your capacity to express your true potential through the sacred vehicle of the body

For thousands of people, Michael Bernard Beckwith’s Life Visioning Process has emerged as a powerful tool for realizing and living one’s unique life purpose. With Your Place of Power, he offers a practical guide for applying that process to honoring the physical aspect of our being so that we may make the most of the time, resources, and wisdom residing in this miraculous gift that is our body temple.

Author: Michael Bernard Beckwith
Narrator: Michael Bernard Beckwith
Duration: 2 hours 28 minutes
Released: 15 May 2011
Publisher: Sounds True
Language: English

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cornea ill-fated

What a great audio program(not a book)

Micheal teaches us the importance of honoring our body as a vessel through which we can fulfill our purpose. How health and spiritual practices align and the importance of emotional and mental cleansing/health.