Michael C. Reichert – How to Raise a Boy

Michael C. Reichert draws on his 30 years of experience researching the process by which boys become men to provide a road map for parents and educators who hope to help the boys they love and care about grow into strong, emotionally intelligent, and compassionate men.

In this groundbreaking audiobook, a leading psychologist and researcher of the journey from boyhood to manhood reveals the vital role that parents, teachers, coaches, and other adult role models can play in creating a “safety net” for boys so they can develop in positive ways, both emotionally and socially.

With the groundbreaking Real Boys in 1998, William Pollack inaugurated a wave of books that challenged age-old conventions about how boys become men. Over the last 20 years, an explosion of new studies has expanded our knowledge about how boys think and feel.

Yet parents express more anxiety than ever about raising sons. In recent studies, expecting parents say they prefer having a girl by more than two to one. Parents’ angst reflects both the shifting sands of the female world and the understanding that old paradigms, however they are repackaged or updated, alone will not lead to their sons’ success. A new boyhood is called for – and parents, teachers, and others are desperately looking for direction.

The New Boyhood provides those who care for young men ages 10-18 with the latest insights from psychology and neuroscience to give us the tools to help build good men.

Author: Michael C. Reichert
Narrator: Adam Grupper
Duration: 11 hours 18 minutes
Released: 19 Sep 2004
Publisher: Recorded Books
Language: English

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Reichert translates the best social and psychological science research into applicable advice for raising full humans who can be empathic and help better the world. Important read for any caregiver, teacher, coach or therapist.