Michael Freeport – The Price of Peace

The exciting conclusion to the Faded Star saga.

Humanity faces challenges from both without and within.

The Woduur are unyielding in their desire to subjugate the humans, and the Karn people protest and riot on Lashmere. The alliance is up to its old tricks, playing both sides of the conflict, and Lashmere Intelligence looks for answers to the Behemoth mystery.

Admiral Stokes leads the battle-worn fleet against long odds. Only courage, cunning, and heroism will allow them to prevail.

Will humanity survive?

Author: Michael Freeport
Narrator: MacLeod Andrews
Duration: 9 hours 49 minutes
Released: 19 Mar 2012
Publisher: Podium Publishing
Language: English

User Review:

emporium sufficient

Another great book from one of my favorite series. Looking forward to what comes next.