Michael Milken – Democratization of Capital

The Milken Institute shatters myths about urban and global investments, giving new credence to the power of human capital. This presentation was developed for brokers, asset managers, public finance consultants, investment bankers, investors, finance professionals, and students of finance and world economics who need to expand the vision needed for investment success.

In this global economic forecast through the year 2030, Milken lays out a comprehensive view of urban investment, world economy and human capital moving forward. Replete with exceptional brilliance, zest and vision, Milken’s presentation is informed by graphic clarity and diagrammatic simplicity.

Author: Michael Milken
Narrator: Michael Milken
Duration: 24 minutes
Released: 10 Aug 2010
Publisher: DGTV
Language: English

User Review:

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I have respect for Michael Milken, and have avidly read some other publications of his Institute. I wonder particularly whether the date of this lecture was stated, and I missed it? It is a very interesting idea, investing in our own undercapitalized domestic “emerging markets,” such as blighted urban areas. I think some version of this may really be a signpost to solving many issues of our times (and the planet’s future). But then Mr. Milken couples this with securitization, and I’m scratching my head, wondering, isn’t this what was tried circa 1998-2008? Isn’t this what the coalition of Dems and Repubs nudged the whole financial system into doing? And wasn’t that the nexus of our global financial implosion? That’s why I’m confused as to when this lecture was made, or whether I am missing something here. I will try to find more from him on this, perhaps of clearly recent vintage, and more thorough.