Michael Shelden, The Great Courses – How Winston Churchill Changed the World

Great Britains most celebrated statesman, Winston Churchill, didnt just live history – he made it. In these 24 lectures that unfurl like a great story, enjoy a thorough, multifaceted exploration of Churchills life, accomplishments, complexities, and legacies.

Guiding you chronologically through the life and times of this master statesman, Professor Shelden takes you from the dawn of Churchills political career to his final years in a much-changed geopolitical landscape. Youll examine Churchills beginnings as a young liberal statesman, his rise to the Admiralty and his relentless push for an imposing naval force, his fight against the Nazis, his equally dramatic postwar career suspended between two different cold wars (against the Soviets and Britains Labour party), and more.

Youll also get fascinating insights into Churchills iconic public speeches, his philosophies of freedom and history, and his early realizations of the dangers of both Hitlers Germany and Stalins Russia. But these lectures never shy away from examining how Churchills preference for the backward glance of history occasionally distorted his view of the future, leading to missteps and disasters, including his failure to understand the rise of independence movements in the British colonies and his controversial World War II bombing campaigns in German cities like Dresden.

Poet, historian, statesman, soldier, prime minister, husband – Churchill played many roles throughout his life. And these lectures bring them all together to create a fascinating, multilayered biography.

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Author: Michael Shelden, The Great Courses
Narrator: Michael Shelden
Duration: 11 hours 42 minutes
Released: 18 Dec 2010
Publisher: The Great Courses
Language: English

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WINSTON was one of the pivotal figures in securing our present configuration of world nations.
He bridged the gap between two world wars as we entered the modern age of politics and war.
Sheldon does a stupendous and entertaining telling of this engaging tale of a man committed to men and freedom. It is a great read and good for listening.