Michael Stephen Fuchs – Last Stand

One platoon of Rangers from a legendary regiment. An isolated combat outpost in the Spin Ghar mountains. One-hundred-fifty Taliban survivors – armed with Tier-1 weapons – And all the rampaging dead guys in central Asia.

B Company, 3rd Bat, 75th Ranger Regiment – a unit that’s fought in every US engagement from D-Day to Black Hawk Down. They are the last American boots on the ground in the entire Syrian civil war…on the last day before the Fall of human civilization. When they are tasked with stopping a unit of Spetsnaz operators from inserting under the chaos, an advanced Russian Navy frigate becomes the last place left on Earth for the Rangers to find refuge. Now, after six months held captive as scavenging mercenaries for Spetsnaz, to earn their freedom they will have to take on the most hazardous shore mission in the entire history of the ZA.

Welcome to the Zulu Alpha.

Devastation. Devotion. Sacrifice.

Last Stand

Author: Michael Stephen Fuchs
Narrator: R.C. Bray
Duration: 3 hours 33 minutes
Released: 20 Nov 2002
Publisher: Podium Publishing
Language: English

User Review:

ventriloquist inflated

I’m terrible at reviews so I’ll keep it brief. The Arisen series was among the first audiobooks that I listened to and R.C. Bray + Michael Stephen Fuchs will always be the gold standard for me. I love these books so much. That said, I found this story too short. I know this is compensated by the low price, but I guess I have gotten used to the detailed story lines of the other books. I would have loved to have heard more about the characters and their situation. In short: good story, but not as fleshed out as the others. R.C. Bray is perfect as always.