Miles Burton – Death in the Tunnel

On a dark November evening, Sir Wilfred Saxonby is travelling alone in the five o’clock train from Cannon Street, in a locked compartment. The train slows and stops inside a tunnel, and by the time it emerges again minutes later, Sir Wilfred has been shot dead, his heart pierced by a single bullet.

Suicide seems to be the verdict, even though no motive can be found, but Inspector Arnold of Scotland Yard thinks again when he learns that a mysterious red light in the tunnel caused the train to slow down.

Author: Miles Burton
Narrator: Gordon Griffin
Duration: 7 hours 12 minutes
Released: 18 Jan 2011
Publisher: Soundings
Language: English

User Review:

classification echoing

Was English the narrators second language? Who puts a drum track down on an audible book. This was possibly the worst performance I have ever endured…all 3 minutes that I listened.