Monica Main, Jack Canfield – foreword – The Lost Secret

What if I told you that there are two lost chapters to the famous Think and Grow Rich? And what if I told you that those two lost chapters reveal the missing secret to getting anything and everything youve ever wanted…and much, much more?

There is a reason this information was hidden from the mass public. It is because it was too powerful for the common man and woman to know. Times have changed. Not only are people ready to see this missing secret but they are much better equipped to use this power to change the trajectory of their lives, especially now more than ever in our chaotic, depressed, and anxiety-ridden society.

For the first time ever, youll finally come to know the real secret that Napoleon Hill always wanted us to know but couldnt get published in his time. This is his gift, his legacy, and his secret from beyond the grave.

Author: Monica Main, Jack Canfield – foreword
Narrator: Gwen Carroll
Duration: 6 hours 35 minutes
Released: 19 Dec 2011
Publisher: Waterside Productions, Inc.
Language: English

User Review:

squeeze dismal

I was able to follow the audio book with much ease. It helped me understand the book in a better way than just reading the hard copy.