Moyra Smith – Investigating the Human Genome

Leading medical genetics scholar Moyra Smith reviews current prospects and progress in medical genetics and genomics, arising from the growth of gene mapping and human genome sequencing. She addresses recent investigations into human origins, migrations, and diversity; psychiatric diseases; Alzheimer’s, Parkinsonism, and ALS; protein misfolding; gene-environment interactions; mRNA; epigenetics; and much more.
Author: Moyra Smith
Narrator: Karen White
Duration: 7 hours 33 minutes
Released: 11 Sep 2011
Publisher: Audible Studios
Language: English

User Review:

palm paramilitary

I expected this book to be aimed at the scientifically aware public, but instead this book seems to be written for genomics researchers. People without training in molecular biology will find this book difficult to understand.

Unfortunately, this book is not very good even for genomics researchers. Although the information is up to date, it is presented without much organization, background, or context, and the author makes heavy use of scientific jargon without much explanation.

The narrator, Karen White, tries hard, but her delivery is halting, she mispronounces some words (e.g., kilobase, polymerase, etiology), and she sounds as if she doesn’t understand what she’s reading.