Mukti – The Self in Full Bloom

Teachings and Meditations for the Journey of Self-Realization

Be yourself. Simple advice – or is it? What does it mean to be oneself fully? How do we discover and live the truth of who we are in our essence? In The Self in Full Bloom, Mukti presents six sessions of deep inquiry and guided meditation intended to support embodied awakening – or the pure expression of both our human and our divine natures.

Dancing with the Energetics of Awakening

The process of awakening involves dynamic and receptive energetics that color our experiences from moment to moment. Through more than seven hours of teaching, Mukti eloquently describes the dance of these masculine and feminine qualities, illuminates the subtle challenges and gifts inherent in each, and points us to their ultimate union in our own unique expression of the wholeness that is already here.

“There is an aspect of you that is not at odds with itself,” teaches Mukti. “That part of your nature that expresses harmoniously all the facets of what you are.” The Self in Full Bloom will help you firmly root yourself in the ground of being while you flower fearlessly in alignment with the whole of life.

Introduction by Adyashanti.

Author: Mukti
Narrator: Mukti
Duration: 7 hours 20 minutes
Released: 15 Jun 2010
Publisher: Sounds True
Language: English

User Review:

streak present-day

Excellent! Very easy to follow instructions, and good preface to each meditation. Would recommend to beginners as well as long time meditates. Great job!