Naomi Novik – Tongues of Serpents

A dazzling blend of military history, high-flying fantasy, and edge-of-your-seat adventure, Naomi Noviks Temeraire novels, set in an alternate Napoleonic era in which intelligent dragons have been harnessed as weapons of war, are more than just perennial bestsellersthey are a worldwide phenomenon. Now, in Tongues of Serpents, Naomi Novik is back, along with the dragon Temeraire and his rider and friend, Capt. Will Laurence.

Convicted of treason despite their heroic defense against Napoleons invasion of England, Temeraire and Laurencestripped of rank and standinghave been transported to the prison colony at New South Wales in distant Australia, where, it is hoped, they cannot further corrupt the British Aerial Corps with their dangerous notions of liberty for dragons. Temeraire and Laurence carry with them three dragon eggs intended to help establish a covert in the colony and destined to be handed over to such second-rate, undesirable officers as have been willing to accept so remote an assignmentincluding one former acquaintance, Captain Rankin, whose cruelty once cost a dragon its life.

Nor is this the greatest difficulty that confronts the exiled dragon and rider: Instead of leaving behind all the political entanglements and corruptions of the war, Laurence and Temeraire have instead sailed into a hornets nest of fresh complications. For the colony at New South Wales has been thrown into turmoil after the overthrow of the military governor, one William Blighbetter known as Captain Bligh, late of HMS Bounty. Bligh wastes no time in attempting to enlist Temeraire and Laurence to restore him to office, while the upstart masters of the colony are equally determined that the new arrivals should not upset a balance of power precariously tipped in their favor.

Author: Naomi Novik
Narrator: Simon Vance
Duration: 9 hours 46 minutes
Released: 10 Sep 2009
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Language: English

User Review:

curate tranquil

but… nothing much happens in this book. I got a feeling that the author is building up to something important in the next installment. My least favorite of the series so far.

Simon Vance, you’re super awesome. Naomi Novik, I’ll read anything you write.