Napoleon Hill – Earl Nightingale Reads Think and Grow Rich

Earl Nightingale said that he came to his aha moment at the age of twenty-nine while reading Napoleon Hills Think and Grow Rich – specifically the words we become what we think about. Shortly thereafter he recorded The Strangest Secret which went on to earn a gold record and became the largest selling non-entertainment recording in record industry history.

Think and Grow Rich is the standard against which all motivational books are measured. The book (and audiobook) has helped millions of people create their own success and realize their dreams. This audio condensation brings those two worlds together again – an audio lecture by famed broadcaster Earl Nightingale that clearly and quickly reviews Napoleon Hills classic success principles.If youve never read or listened to Think and Grow Rich before, this audio condensation may serve as your own personal aha moment. And if you have read or listened before, then this forty-two minute motivational gem maybe the best refresher course ever to set you back on the road to riches. For the Two-CD package – Plus a bonus disc of Napoleon Hills lecture on The Three Major Causes of Failure!

Author: Napoleon Hill
Narrator: Earl Nightingale
Duration: 42 minutes
Released: 11 Jul 2006
Publisher: Audible Studios
Language: English

User Review:

cadet eight-hour

While this was great, I thought I was buying the full book? 🙁 I don’t even understand what this is?