Nat Young – Nat’s Nat and That’s That: A Surfing Legend

Surfers and surfing aficionados worldwide will be enthralled with this fascinating autobiography of Nat Young, arguably one of the world’s best surfers and a pioneer of the ‘shortboard’ style.

With short stories, anecdotes and unbelievable adventures with some of surfing’s most colourful and well known characters, Nat Young recounts his life from Australia to Hawaii to the Pacific Coast of America and beyond.

This audiobook is a must-listen for any surfer!

Please note: new audio available as of 5 December 2018.

Author: Nat Young
Narrator: Paul Agar
Duration: 16 hours 27 minutes
Released: 18 Mar 2012
Publisher: Penguin Random House Australia Audio
Language: English

User Review:

freak apocalyptic

I have never reviewed a book before, I like to keep my opinions to myself. Yet, I really felt the need to comment on this book. It was informative, interesting and actually very funny. Truthfully, I didn’t know a lot about Michael Moore beyond the very negative things I have read about him and his movies (I have yet to see one). This book showed me a whole other side of him that I hadn’t read about. Now, I’m not saying every word is factual, it’s supposed to be, considering he is reading it as his life story, but who knows. It has however given me pause, to think to myself, (not that this is something my parents didn’t teach me)…… be careful not to believe everything you hear, even from the government. Well, this book reminded me about that. Whether it is the government or Michael Moore’s account of things, don’t take anything at face value. Beyond that, I’d like to say about Michael Moore’s book, it was VERY entertaining. His recollections of his life (and the stories of his ancestor’s lives before him), is completely engrossing. He has a wonderful way of telling a tale and his stories about himself growing up are particularly funny. He is very quick to make fun of himself. Although he sounded like an amazingly precocious child he also lets you see what a pain in the ass he could be. If you are anything like me, you will listen to this book driving in and out of work and sometimes you will have to drive past your own house because you are not ready to turn it off.